5 Types of Tracking Devices from Eelink Communication Technology

Eelink Communication Technology Limited, the world’s leading producer of GPS trackers, has created a range of GPS tracking gadgets. Those gadgets offer greater benefits, and their range of use may also differ. As a result, we must determine whether the GPS tracker satisfies our purchasing needs based on the device’s performance when making our decision.

We’ve compiled a list of the top tracking devices to help buyers learn more about the GPS tracking devices made by Eelink. The best five tracking gadgets from Eelink communication technology will be discussed with you.

  • The best IoT Battery powered GPS tracker GPT46

Eelink produced the GPT46, a GPS tracker with an IoT network that runs on batteries, in 2020.

Its simplicity of installation and use of the wireless connection method are its advantages. The ideal telematics tool for controlling your vehicle and trailer is the GPT46. Additionally, it has a charging feature. It’s long-lasting and comes with a quality guarantee.

The purpose of the battery-operated GPS tracker GPT46 is to satisfy consumer demands for IOT devices that support LTE CAT NB2 and CAT m1 networks. Suppose you own an IOT platform. And wish to oversee your fleet to incorporate the gadget into your platform. You will select GPT46 because the GPT46 supports Eelink 2.0 protocols. Third-party sites can obtain the API from us through our protocols.

The downside of this gadget is that it is only suitable for certain nations, like the United States, Australia, and Canada, due to the possibility that each country may support a varied amount of IOT network bandwidth.

  • 4G Long battery life GPS tracker GPT49

Similarly, Eelink released the GPT49, a long-standby time-tracking gadget, in 2020. Its greatest benefit is that it is a wireless installation device that can be used for tracking freight and shipping goods, and it has a five-year standby time in long standby mode.

  • Cheap tracking device for vehicle TK121

The TK121 is a remote car engine disablement device that also serves as a relay to maintain the vehicle’s speed. It includes all the features needed for car tracking, including real-time tracking. The fact that it’s reasonably priced and functional is what matters. As a result, it has significantly decreased the cost of fleet management and is now frequently chosen by customers. Installing the device in your car would allow you to receive alerts and know its location in real time.

  • Real 4G vehicle tracking device TK419

One of the greatest car tracking gadgets made by Eelink is the TK419, a real 4G tracking device. The TK419 includes several features, including support for external batteries and SoS and IButton. Its greatest benefit is that thanks to a connected positioning device that supports 4G, 3G, and 2G networks, it can automatically switch to 3G or 2G networks when the regional 4G signal is weak.

In Summary

The five Eelink GPS tracking gadgets listed above are among the most well-liked products. Their qualities enable them to respond to a wide range of customer needs. We must understand that GPS tracking gadgets are crucial for safeguarding our valuables and tracking the current whereabouts of our cars. It’s one of those things you should buy if you want mental peace.


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