Comprehensive Guide To Best Data Analyst Course in Pune

Data Analyst: The data science education in Pune is gradually taking its pace in the city. Its thriving IT community is a flourishing factor for all the data science advancements. Noticing the potential of IT innovation, many industries and education institutes have built their branches all over Pune. This has also made the city an attractive point for studying the best data analyst course in Pune and building a career there. Generally, the program is designed to include all the important topics and hands-on learning. Pursuing the curriculum gives you a comprehensive learning experience and equips you with the trending skills of data analytics.

Reason for Choosing Data Analytics in Pune

One of the most critical skills in today’s time is data analytics. Adaptation to these technologies has made companies rely largely on skilled professionals. These individuals have the potential to handle confidential data sets and efficiently interpret the findings. The city has a great surrounding of startups, MSMEs, MNCs, and educational institutions offering data analyst courses. This symbiotic relationship of companies and institutions is the biggest factor, in why you want to pursue the best data analyst course in Pune. The aspirants who are enrolling in their curriculum get to learn from the coursework that’s both trendy and application-based. In turn, the companies sometimes directly recruit their workforce from these organizations.

Listings of Best Data Analyst Course in Pune

  1. Jigsaw Academy- It offers a postgraduate diploma in data science with a duration of 11 months. The course is collaboratively designed with MAHE (Manipal Academy of Higher Education). Topics like data visualization, machine learning, and big data analytics are covered in this diploma course. To ensure practical learning, it has hands-on projects and industry case studies. This course approximately cost around INR 450000. The certification is recognized by reputed industries with experienced professionals being trainers of the course. Permit to the global alumni network and placement assistance are among the popular features of this program.
  2. Simplilearn- The program name for their data analytics learning is a professional certificate program in data science. Simplilearn provides this course in partnership with Purdue University, enclosing all essential concepts such as data analysis, machine learning, Python, R, and Tableau visualization. It also includes interactive labs, projects, and industrial faculties giving masterclasses. You need to spend an amount of INR 225000 for enrolling to this program.
  3. UpGrad- It provides 6 months of certification program with a course fee of INR 285000. IIIT Bangalore has helped them develop this coursework. The modules it has integrated into the program are statistical analysis, predictive prototyping, python programming, and machine learning. Along with the strong emphasis on hands-on projects, guided mentorship, and placement support, the learners emerge as efficient skilled professionals.
  4. Technogeeks- It has short-term data science certification training of 4 months. The program mainly stresses three major subjects machine learning, Python, and R. Those who are interested in gaining preliminary knowledge in data science should consider this cost-effective program. Technogeek data science certification training costs around INR 40000.
  5. Learnbay- It provides a data analyst certification program for working professionals in alliance with IBM. Learnbay’s data analyst certification 8 real-world projects and 1 capstone project in the form of hands-on learning. With the option of flexible learning, their data analyst course is one of the most demanding in Pune. The modules in this curriculum cover preparatory classes, programming fundamentals, statistics, Python, machine learning, data analytics tools, and Excel. The stature of the program is of global recognition and comes with an IBM course completion certificate. Their data analyst course fees in Pune are INR 85000.

Anticipating Factors During Data Analyst Course Selection

  1. Coursework- Always ensure the presence of important subjects like machine learning, statistics, data visualization, and programming languages like Python, and R. Example of a good program is the blend of case studies and practical projects.
  2. Faculty- The trainer with a massive amount of experience in academics and practical expertise offers valuable insights while educating on data analytics concepts. Try to seek courses that are taught by professors with real-world experience in data analytics.
  3. Connections- Having tie-ups with several industries provides placement opportunities and internships.
  4. Flexibility- It increases the acceptability of any coursework. Adding the online, offline, and hybrid learning.
  5. Cost- Always compare the cost of all the available best data analyst courses in Pune and consider your pocket while choosing any particular curriculum. The cost should be directly offering all the best learning facilities.


A variety of best data analyst courses in Pune are available. Among those Simplilearn, UpGrad, Jigsaw Academy, Learnbay, and Technogeeks provide comprehensive learning, covering all vital topics. Aspirants should ensure that the course aligns with the latest data analytics trends practiced across industries. Investing in the right curriculum can unlock the path to success in the data science field.

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