How to find cheap student accommodation in Melbourne?

Packing your whole stuff in just two suitcases can be tough and it can be more tough when it comes to finding accommodation to unpack your things. Let’s find out how to find accommodation in Melbourne that too budget-friendly. Start with checking out your university options. If there is decent student accommodation on campus, you can save yourself a massive headache and it is one of the best ways to meet people. Though you will want to know if there is special housing for students provided by the university, you might end up in an off-campus accommodation. 

It is a myth that off-campus student accommodation Melbourne is expensive. you can find much better options under your budget. Here are some tips to crack the best deal: 

Determine your priorities

Before you book any accommodation, it is important that you consider what your budget is. From there you can choose which amenities are essential for you and which can be considered as luxury. Every person has different priorities for their international study experience and yours might be completely different. If you prioritize convenience and are not at all interested in cleaning and cooking for yourself, then you can look for accommodation that offers services such as catering and housekeeping. However, be ready to pay more. it is best to learn how to clean and cook to save a good amount of money. In addition to that, you can choose to stay in shared rooms to cut the whole price in half. It could be more time-consuming to cook your meals, but you will learn to be independent at the end of your course. 

Beware of the scammers 

When searching for accommodation, you will come across some places which sound too good to be true. There are tons of scammers who are looking to take advantage of those students who are in a hurry. If you are willing to pay an amount to hold a room for you at the perfect location and that to in your budget, be more vigilant. Do not fork over any money for an accommodation that you have not seen yet or do not sign an agreement with. first of all, you need to go through all the documentation before you spend a penny. 

Research the neighborhood and public transportation system

As per the general rule, the closer you are staying to the CBD, the more expensive your accommodation will be. As you are staying near a central location you will have ease of access to different facilities. As it might be a convenient option, it might not be the best value. You need to explore different areas and make a decision. If you are staying too far then you might end up paying more for the cost of running a car or catching public transport to and from campus. Explore all the surrounding areas and compare the commute costs to see which property will be best for you. Once you decide which suburb you want to stay in, you can narrow down your research and find the best accommodation.

Compare on-campus and off-campus accommodation 

Before you plan for anything else, always go for anon-campus vs off-campus accommodation comparison. This will assist you in finding the finest deal. When comparing take into consideration many factors such as price, housekeeping facility, washroom facility, food, hygiene, location, and other amenities. you can compare the accommodations to find out the best for you. You need to also check out how many students you will be sharing your rooms with. 

All-inclusive utility bills 

the utility bills can make a hole in your pocket so it is best to go for an accommodation which is all-inclusive utility bills. Check for accommodations that have this facility. Talk to the property owner beforehand about which utility bills are included and which are not. Check for electricity, gas, water, Wi-Fi, and other bills. 

Final Thoughts 

There are a wide range of things which you need to keep in mind before you make any decision. First of all, you need to look for options that are perfect for you. By keeping all the points in mind, you will end up choosing the right accommodation for you.


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