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Welcome to Cleatech, LLC, where innovation meets precision. We are here to revolutionize your laboratory experience with our cutting-edge Desiccator Cabinets. These state-of-the-art cabinets are essential for any lab setting, ensuring the integrity of your sensitive materials and enhancing the efficiency of your scientific work. In this blog, we will explore the ins and outs of Desiccator Cabinets, their diverse applications, and the various features that make Cleatech’s cabinets a class apart. Let’s dive into the world of desiccation science!

Understanding the Desiccator Cabinet

What is a Desiccator Cabinet?

A desiccator cabinet, often simply referred to as a desiccator, is a sealed enclosure used in laboratories and industries to store materials in a low-humidity environment. The primary purpose of a desiccator is to protect sensitive substances, such as chemicals, reagents, and moisture-sensitive samples, from moisture and humidity. By maintaining a low-humidity atmosphere inside the cabinet, a desiccator ensures the long-term stability and viability of these materials.

How Does a Desiccator Cabinet Work?

Desiccators work on the principle of moisture removal through the use of desiccants. A desiccant is a substance that readily absorbs moisture from the air. Common desiccants used in desiccator cabinets include silica gel, molecular sieves, and calcium sulfate. When placed inside the desiccator, these desiccants absorb moisture, creating a dry environment within the cabinet.

The sealed environment of a desiccator cabinet prevents moisture from entering, thus maintaining a low-humidity atmosphere. This controlled environment is crucial for various laboratory processes, experiments, and sample storage, as it prevents moisture-induced degradation and maintains the accuracy of scientific results.

Applications of Desiccator Cabinets

Desiccator cabinets find applications in a wide range of industries and laboratory settings. Here are some of the key areas where desiccators are indispensable:

Chemical Laboratories:

Desiccators are crucial for storing and protecting moisture-sensitive chemicals, reagents, and samples in chemical laboratories. Maintaining a dry environment is essential to prevent reactions, clumping, or contamination caused by moisture.

Pharmaceutical Industry:

In pharmaceutical labs, desiccators ensure the integrity of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and other moisture-sensitive materials. Proper storage in a desiccator prevents the degradation of these materials, ensuring the effectiveness of pharmaceutical products.

Electronics Manufacturing:

Electronic components and printed circuit boards are susceptible to moisture damage. Desiccators are used to store these components in a low-humidity environment, preventing issues like soldering defects and electrical malfunctions.

Biotechnology and Life Sciences:

Desiccators are essential for preserving DNA and RNA samples, enzymes, and other biological materials. Maintaining a controlled environment ensures the long-term viability and quality of these samples.

Seed Storage:

Agricultural research facilities use desiccators to store seeds and plant specimens. The low-humidity environment extends the shelf life of seeds and prevents mold or fungal growth.

Archaeology and Museum Conservation:

Museums and archaeology labs use desiccators to protect artifacts and specimens from moisture-induced damage. This helps preserve historical and cultural artifacts for future generations.

Food and Beverage Industry:

Desiccators are employed to protect food and beverage ingredients like spices, flavorings, and sensitive additives from moisture. Maintaining the quality and shelf life of these ingredients is crucial for food manufacturers.

Key Features of Cleatech’s Desiccator Cabinets

Cleatech, LLC, takes pride in offering state-of-the-art desiccator cabinets that meet the highest industry standards. Our cabinets are designed with precision and innovation to cater to the unique needs of various industries. Here are some of the key features that set Cleatech’s desiccator cabinets apart:

Durable Construction:

Cleatech’s desiccators are built to last. They are constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring long-term durability and resistance to wear and tear. The cabinets are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in laboratories and industrial settings.

Excellent Seal:

A tight and reliable seal is crucial for a desiccator’s effectiveness. Cleatech’s cabinets feature an airtight gasket seal, which ensures that no external moisture can penetrate the cabinet. This seal maintains a consistent low-humidity environment.

Clear Visibility:

Clear visibility of stored materials is essential for easy access and monitoring. Cleatech’s cabinets are equipped with transparent polycarbonate or acrylic doors, allowing you to see your stored items without opening the cabinet.

Customization Options:

We understand that different industries have unique requirements. Cleatech offers customization options, allowing you to choose the size, number of shelves, and desiccant type that best suits your specific needs.

Low Maintenance:

Cleatech’s desiccators are designed for easy maintenance. The desiccant trays are easily accessible and can be replaced or refilled as needed, ensuring the continued effectiveness of the cabinet.

Antistatic Properties:

For applications in the electronics industry, Cleatech’s desiccators are available with antistatic features. These cabinets prevent the buildup of electrostatic charge, safeguarding sensitive electronic components.


Cleatech, LLC’s Desiccator Cabinets are the epitome of precision, reliability, and innovation. Whether you work in a chemical laboratory, pharmaceutical industry, electronics manufacturing, or any other sector requiring moisture control, our cabinets are the ideal solution to protect your materials and enhance your processes.

Investing in a Cleatech Desiccator Cabinet means investing in the long-term stability of your sensitive materials and the efficiency of your laboratory operations. Our commitment to quality and customization ensures that you get the perfect cabinet to meet your unique requirements.

Don’t compromise on the integrity of your work; choose Cleatech’s Desiccator Cabinets to maximize your laboratory efficiency. Get in touch with us today to explore our range of desiccators and find the one that suits your needs. Join the revolution in desiccation science – trust Cleatech for excellence in moisture control.

Ready to take your laboratory operations to the next level with Cleatech’s Desiccator Cabinets? Explore our range of premium desiccators and experience precision, reliability, and innovation like never before. Contact us now and let our experts help you find the perfect solution for your specific requirements. Don’t compromise on the quality and integrity of your materials – choose Cleatech for the ultimate in moisture control. Revolutionize your laboratory efficiency today!

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