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  • SCHOOL AND COLLAGEStudy sheds light on what influences water supplied by snowmelt

    Research sheds mild on what influences water equipped by snowmelt

    Water typically falls from the sky and is saved in mountains throughout the U.S. as snow earlier than it melts and flows right down to city and rural communities. Realizing what components affect when and the way a lot of that snowmelt finally makes it to streams, rivers and reservoirs is essential for water managers attempting to profit from restricted…

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  • SCHOOL AND COLLAGEBioprinting gets a boost | University of Nevada, Reno

    Bioprinting will get a lift | College of Nevada, Reno

    Seventeen folks die on daily basis ready for an organ transplant. Erick Bandala, who will start graduate research in mechanical engineering right here this fall, sees a potential answer in 3D bioprinting — an additive manufacturing course of just like 3D printing, however printing with cells and biomaterials. As an undergraduate, Bandala received the 2022 Madani-Gordaninejad Speech Competitors in April…

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