The top five health advantages of regular massage therapy

Are you feeling stressed and tired? To get a relaxed emotional state of mind and body, you need a gentle touch full body massage. Massage therapies are a great way to reduce daily life stress and fatigue. In this regard, Massage Therapy In Sherwood Park offers to their customers. 

The top five health advantages of regular massage therapy

Effective and Regular Massage therapies can treat several musculoskeletal conditions linked to tension and stress. To get maximum benefits of regular massage therapy, you can visit a Refresh health and wellness centre which offers the best massage therapy services catering to the physical needs of patients. Top five health benefits that a regular massage provides are: 

Relieves stress and anxiety:

Sometimes there is tension in muscles due to stress, massage therapy specifically helps in lowering the levels of stress in the human body. Different massage techniques have been employed to stress anxiety and stress since years. It reduces the levels of cortisol that is a stress hormone, 

Effective massage therapy by professional and certified trainers at sherwood park clinic tend to evoke feelings of deep relaxation and reduce anxiety among the patients. Certified massage therapists are fully equipped with knowledge of massaging the pressure points to give a pleasant and relaxing experience to the patients. 

Alleviates several body aches:

Taking painkillers for different kinds of pains is an old and unhealthy way of treating pains and spasms. Massage specifically helps with body aches and muscle relaxation. Massage therapists in Sherwood Park may employ several mechanisms and techniques to give you a pain free moving experience. In addition to this  Whether it is a muscle twitch, a minor injury or a major backache issue you can trust massage therapies to possibly reduce all kinds of pains. 

Helps with insomnia:

if you’re constantly tossing and turning at night you definitely need the best massage services.  Better quality sleep is very necessary for us in order to function properly. Massage particularly helps in increasing serotonin levels in the body which helps the patients to have an improved quality sleep at night. Massage therapy by refresh health and wellness clinic will help you improve your sleep cycle and reduce day dysfunctioning keeping you active and healthy throughout the day. 

Strengthened immune system:

Massage therapy helps build a strong and healthy immune system. A good massage helps in increasing blood circulation within the body, improving tissue quality and strengthening the immune system. Increased lymphatic flow helps fight the harmful substances that might try to enter the human body. Massage has also been proven to boost immunological function in HIV-positive teenagers. The treatment has also been found to boost immunity in people with stage 1 and 2 breast cancer.

Relieving nerve pain and muscle stiffness:

Massage therapies tend to trigger involuntary relaxation response through proper techniques. It aids in relieving nerve pain and muscle stiffness. Refresh Health and wellness centres offer therapeutic and best massage services which specifically relieve muscle and tendon tension and are effective for pain management. 

Why do you need massage therapy?


Massage therapies not only aid in reducing stress but also have several other health benefits. It is an effective way to get rid of pains of all sorts and suitable for all age groups. Surgeries and medicines are not always a good option to treat pains and minor problems. Maintaining mental health and physical health is crucial. 

We eat processed foods and consumption of unhealthy and fast food is causing physical health to deteriorate among teenagers as well as adults.Massage therapies by Refresh health and wellness centre are an excellent alternative for surgeries. 


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Types of Massage Services- Refresh Health and Wellness Centre: 


Refresh health and Wellness clinic is a one stop shop for all your body aches. Whether you need to alleviate minor pains or suffer from chronic diseases it might come as a surprise but massage therapies can also aid in relieving chronic pains and treating chronic diseases. There are different types of Massage therapies offered by wellness centres in Sherwood park. These Include Deep tissue massage, Therapeutic massage, Prenatal Massage. 


Deep Tissue Massage:

It is a massage  technique employed to treat musculoskeletal problems. Our experienced therapists apply sustained pressure, use slow deep strokes to target inner layers of muscles to reduce tension in muscle and tissue. Deep tissue Massage focuses on the areas with most tension such as neck, back and shoulders. 


Therapeutic Massage:

This technique of massage is employed to manage stress levels in the body. Massage treatment, with the purpose of slowing down your nervous system, can be utilised to relieve stress and tension, provide relief from symptoms, repair injuries, and enhance wellness.


Prenatal Massage:

Prenatal massage is similar to regular massage. It helps in relieving stress in joints, muscles. It also tends to decrease the production of stress hormones in the body giving immediate relief to the pregnant women. Refresh Health and wellness centre aim to provide support to physical and mental well-being of women through their exceptionally relaxing prenatal massage services. 



If you are looking to  release your anxiety and stress by getting the best and cheap massage therapy Refresh Health and Wellness Centre  is a credible avenue for massage therapy in Sherwood Park to soothe all your body aches. To improve your overall well being and health, You’ll need a good massage therapy. It aids in improving your physical as well as mental health. 




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