Why Suddenly The Airbag Indicator Light Turns On

The airbag indicator light located on the dashboard serves as a reminder to the driver, some components need to be examined.

Because it rarely happens, it usually has the potential to invite question marks. It can even bring a sense of misgivings.


But don’t worry. Here is an excerpt from Auto2000 regarding the occurrence of the airbag indicator turning on.

Please observe that several things trigger the light of this airbag indicator. Then take precautions.

There’s a disturbance.


  • The indicator light in the car should always be checked periodically. One of them, the airbag indicator, lights up suddenly. This incident is sporadic. The light represents the SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) or another security system.


  • SRS is a designation for car safety devices, generally in airbags (airbags) and seat belts.


  • If this indicator light is on, it does not mean the airbag will deploy. However, it provides information that there is interference with the safety device. Whether it’s on airbag components, seatbelts, safety sensors, or it could be a car security system.


Seatbelt switch problem


  • The first possible cause of the airbag indicator flashing suddenly comes from the seatbelt system, precisely on the seatbelt switch. It could be that there is a disturbance in this area.


  • The function of the switch is to detect whether the seat belt is attached or not. The airbag indicator light will turn on if the seatbelt switch is disturbed.


  • For that, try checking the seat belt when you see the airbag light is on. See if there is dirt or other objects that are stuck.


clock spring cable


  • In addition to interference with the seatbelt switch, the airbag indicator light that lights up can also be triggered due to a problem with the clock spring.


  • Clock spring is a component that connects the airbag control unit with the driver module located on the steering wheel. This component is mounted directly behind the steering wheel.


  • If the airbag indicator illuminates, there may be a problem with the clock spring cable. This can happen when the steering wheel is disassembled and an error occurs while reassembling. To fix this, you must disassemble the steering wheel and return the clock spring cable to its original position.


Invalid computer code


  • The trigger for the airbag indicator to light up suddenly comes from a problem with the car’s security system.


  • Today’s cars are mostly not only assembled with mechanical and electrical components but computer systems consisting of complex codes.


  • There may be an incorrect computer code, an error, or even it doesn’t work anymore. To be sure, you should immediately come to the nearest workshop.

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