06 Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers (2023)

If you want to make money on YouTube, gaining significant YouTube subscriber numbers is crucial. As an example, you should have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers to have a YouTube partnership and earn money through advertisements. The more subscribers you have, the higher you climb on YouTube’s “benefit tier” ladder (think rewards, managers, and production support, starting at 100,000 subscribers).

What if you thought about using YouTube for your branding and video marketing instead of making money directly? We still need subscribers. Increases in views watch time, and engagement are important signals to the YouTube algorithm.

Find out how to get people to click the subscribe button and get real free YouTube subscribers using legal strategies to grow your channel.

How to Get More YouTube Subscribers: 06 Tips

If you’re just getting started, check out our guide to creating a YouTube channel.

Here are our best practices for converting viewers into subscribers, from the simplest to the most complicated. Don’t tackle them all at once. Try one of these tips with every new video you publish, or implement one or two tips per week and gain massive views on YouTube.

You can also watch the video below to discover our top 06 tips for growing your YouTube website:

1. Create incredible content

We currently operate in an industry where many people prioritize system gaming over creating the best possible content. Luckily, YouTube has adopted this empty tactic when it comes to its algorithm. Their algorithm rewards engagement rather than just using superficial metrics like views and clicks, so creators are incentivized to create videos that their audience will watch.

To create the most engaging videos for your YouTube channel, measure the performance of your videos using engagement metrics such as watch time, average view speed, average watch time, customer retention, audience, and average session duration. Then analyze this data to find out which topics and videos drive the most engagement. Once you’ve identified these videos, you can focus solely on creating content that’s more likely to engage viewers and thus attract more subscribers.

2. Create and publish videos regularly

No doubt creating and posting videos regularly will help increase your subscribers. On the other hand, if you haven’t posted in a while, people won’t want to subscribe to your channel.

If someone subscribes to your channel, he or she will receive an email notification every time you upload a new video. If someone receives an email notification once a week, they are more likely to be interested in your video, especially if the content is original, engaging, and informative. If you publish 02 or more videos weekly, you will gain more subscribers than others, and you can gain them faster than your competitors if you utilize a strong content strategy.

Another way to get more subscribers on YouTube is to optimize your content even after it is uploaded.

3. Announcing what will happen next

Subscribing to a YouTube channel is a waiting game. Viewers who have just seen what your brand is about will want more if you do your job well.

Promoting your next video and explaining why you shouldn’t miss it is the most natural way to get people to subscribe.

Of course, this requires a good understanding of YouTube’s content calendar and an understanding of what’s going to happen. (More on this soon.)

4. Use playlists to increase engagement.

Putting your videos into playlists is an extremely effective way to organize your videos in an accessible way. They make it easier for viewers to watch videos on their favorite topics and encourage them to continue watching your content.

One way to get people to watch your playlists is to start playlists with the videos with the highest viewer engagement and end them with the videos with the lowest viewer engagement. You can also create a notable series or show and add entire seasons to a playlist. And just like your favorite show on Netflix, your playlists can encourage viewers to watch full seasons of your show, subscribe to your channel, and look forward to the next season of your show.

5. Optimize your YouTube channel

To gain massive YouTube subscribers,  you have to optimize not only your channel videos but also you have to optimize your entire channel. Here are some best ways to do this thing:

Create a trailer on YouTube

A trailer gives viewers a taste of what your channel has to offer. With a trailer, you can give viewers an impression of:

  • Your brand
  • Types of videos published
  • A preview of your future films
  • Your publishing schedule

Create an interesting look for your channel

A YouTube channel can look interesting if it uses the right keywords, descriptions, and channel art.

When writing your channel description, use keywords and keep the content short and interesting. According to a platform, “research about YouTube SEO ranking shows that YouTube channel keywords have a little bit heavy correlation with best search rankings on YouTube.” The first 100-150 characters of your channel description are very important because they are in appear next to your channel in search results.

Create an authentic call-to-action at the end of your video’s description. Choose channel art that is trendy and interesting, but also relevant to your brand.

Add sections and playlists to your homepage

If you have a lot of videos, organize them into different sections and playlists and place them on your homepage. You must optimize these content playlists by adding the most relevant keywords, engaging titles, and impressive descriptions.

6. Present your content strategically on your channel page

YouTube Studio’s Layout tab allows you to add up to twelve sections to your channel home page. This allows you to showcase your best content right away, so new visitors see your best work and wonder if they should hit the subscribe button.

You can also use Sections to view the playlists you created in the last tip. Use playlists specifically tailored to the different needs of your audience to immediately highlight the tremendous value you offer.

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