7 must read thriller books: Jaw dropping edition.


Thrillers since the inception of time has given people the base for dark, engrossing and suspenseful plot event. They are often nail-biting, depending on the writer a tremor, some of the thriller stories give the reader chills down the spine, leaving you awestruck. This is important to mention that not only movies but, thriller books, are also popular for keeping you engaged and making you feel demonstrative, getting hold of these books is also very easy you either visit any novel store or you can also look or them online. So, keeping things on that line in this listicle we shall be exploring seven kinds of thriller books that one should have on their bookshelf and if not anything at least on your wish list.

What to expect from thriller books?

This is a fact well-known that thriller books are spine-chilling, give you mind tremor and also gives you a different kind of perspective on your thinking.

  • Vivid and multi-verse perspective: There are some things entailed in the thrillers which give your ideas of not being a serial killer of course, but it helps you to identify the ways crocked and critical minds think. So you see this is how things work with thriller books and movies for the same.
  • Fall in love with the villain: One of the most interesting attributes that makes you fall or thriller books is the villain. Believe it or not, the villain in the thriller books are the ones that drop the pin and gives you an exemplary thought regarding the entire plot. The stinging character might be grey, but it is with its villainy that thriller books become best sellers.
  • Just one twist and the game is over: While writing and composing any of the thriller books. You need to keep in mind that there should not be too many twists and turns. Just one hit and the game is over. Avoid unwanted or over-complicating things.

Top 7 must-reads that you must have

Now that we know a little about the genre of thriller books and where to find them, let us now talk a little about the 7 must-reads.

  1. Situation Room: From the perspective of the Lukewarm thriller series comes this masterpiece. In this book, there is a vivid description of a cyberattack which was caused by a group of hackers. The USA control room kept on thinking about who does the job, unable to find any perspective the team President called Luke and there in it followed down to solve some unsolicited mysteries.
  2. Gone Girl: In the form of a movie and a thriller book, there comes the story of Amy Dunne, who has been cheated on by her husband and plans a nail-biting plot of her own kidnap. Various manipulation and block chin twists and turns will keep you intact and give you a never-forgotten experience for the same.
  3. The Girl on the Train: This thriller books comes with the perfection of a woman named Rachel and she has given all the implicit of her not-so-perfect life with her husband. She commutes to and from London and sees a new couple. She imagines a healthy and sorted life and then plans a murder. Read on more to find the truth.
  4. The Woman on the Window: like other thriller books comes from the reclusive life of Anna Fox who suffers from a disorder namely, agoraphobia. One fine day she witnessed a murder across the street. The question here lies in the plot which comes from the perspective of isolation, trauma and of course resilience.
  5. Girl Hunted: Unlike other thriller books, this copy gives you chills and leaves you open to the idea of reminiscing how she barely escaped the threat of a serial killer. The story of this thriller book comes from the ways this girl claims she has faced and escaped such attacks in the past? What is the truth? Read on and get to know.
  6. Only Murder: the next time you visit the nearby novel store, do not forget to look for this book. Only Murder by Rylie Dark will leave you awed with the main character Sadie who thinks of her current cases and recollects the murder of two women, whose bodies were preserved in the ice in her hometown in Norway. Do they have any connection at all, you need to read and find out more?
  7. Let me go:  do you believe in yourself and are you sure that all the things you have been told since your childhood are the truth. This thriller book by Kate Bold will compel you to think twice about ways the secret of childhood can sabotage your adult even worse married life. Visit your nearest novel store to know more.


The above listicle of thriller books guarantees to keep you intact and help you to get a vivid picture of ways crocked and twisted minds think. Some of the above books are in the Book Smart store, an online novel store that has a huge collection. Few books above might as well have a monotonous and expected end, but the way of telling and narrating can do the job of tricking you. These are thriller books for you, welcoming you to think in a parallel universe.

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