A Guide on Top Brands and Water Heater Prices in Pakistan

When a cold climate arises in Pakistan the demand for water heaters has been seen in full swing. Everybody wants to take a bath with hot water instead of cold because it can be harmful to health. Similarly, to ensure your and your family’s comfort at home in winter you should need a reliable water heater. As we are living in an advanced era, there is a flood of water heaters in the market. These are available with different types, models, and functions but are used for the same purpose. Every water heater has unique features, and their costs are determined by those features. If you are wondering how to fulfill your quest about buying the perfect water heater price in Pakistan, then you should stay with us because we are going to discuss the prices. So, let’s start!

Water Heater Market of Pakistan

The market for Water Heater in Pakistan is diverse and offers a wide range of varieties and prices. You can buy from a gas geyser to instant electric water heaters by comparing prices from one platform to another. Depending on their functions and models their prices are distinct. According to new technology, a water heater is available with the latest function. In no time, you will get instant hot water and they are energy-efficient and consume low levels of energy. You can save time and energy by installing water heaters.

Let’s Discuss Top Water Heater Brands 

You can get a variety of water heater brands in Pakistan. Whether you are looking for an electric water heater or a gas geyser, there is a wide variety of brands you can have in a water heater. From reasonable to expensive water heaters, you get top water heaters according to their functions. Let’s discuss some top water heater brands in Pakistan.


Haier is one of the top brands which is offering a wide range of appliances within your budget. You can get an electric instant water heater or gas water heater at a very affordable price. The products of this company are well-known for their top quality and durability. You can buy water heaters from Haier from 10,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR based on their function and features.

Super Asia

If you want the most trustable brand in Pakistan, Super Asia is one of them. They offer a variety of water heaters whether you want electronics or gas. Their major focus is on the affordability of their customers without compromising on quality. If you are worried about the electric water heater price in Pakistan then super asia is the best option. They are offering water heaters starting from 8000 PKR onwards so you can access them easily.


The most reputed brand offering home appliances in Pakistan is Canon. It is well-known for its innovative features and advanced functions of home appliances. The price of water heaters offered by Canon is slightly high because they have remarkable water heaters with advanced features and top-quality materials. The price of the basic water heater by Canon starts at 12,000 PKR depending on the capacity and functionalities


PEL is one of the reputed brands that is offering electric instant water heaters. Their water heaters are designed for less energy consumption and long durability. If you are looking to buy water heaters this is the best brand to buy because their aim is to satisfy their clients with their high-quality products. Their house appliances start from 9000 PKR to onwards depending on their size and models.

Some Factors Affect Water Heater Prices

There are some factors that contribute to the price of a water heater. Let’s discuss why and how the range of water heaters affects it.

Quality and Capacity

The quality and capacity of the water heater are the reason for the high price of the water heater. Instant water heaters are more affordable as compared to the gas geyser. A water heater with high capacity is more expensive than an instant water heater rod. Therefore, pricing depends on the quality and capacity.

Features and Functions

The pricing range can also depend on the functionality of the water heater. If any appliance has advanced features including digital displays and energy-efficiency mode their prices are often higher than the appliance without these features.

Well-known Brand

The branded home appliances are comparatively high prices because of their strong online presence. Therefore, their prices are based on their reputation. They are taking into consideration their brand as well as their quality. So, the reputation of any brand is significantly affecting prices.


In conclusion, there are a variety of water heaters available in the market at competitive prices. It can be a challenging task to select the right water heater. But now you can buy it because we have discussed some top factors that are beneficial for you and simultaneously affect the water heater price in Pakistan. You can understand the market and make an informed decision by comparing the price of water heaters from one brand to another. One thing you should keep in mind is that if the prices are high then durability and efficiency are equally crucial for a satisfactory purchase.

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