Amazing Things to do in Hartford with kids

Hartford is a famous capital city located in Connecticut, in the United States.  It is considered to be the fourth largest city of Connecticut. You can definitely visit the city of Hartford this holiday season with your kids. Here, you will get some amazing activities to do with your family and children. Also, make sure to book your holiday tickets with Spirit Airlines, a trusted travel partner. Do check your spirit airlines flight status before heading towards the airport.

What are the Amazing Things you can do in Hartford with Kids

The amazing things you can do at Hartford with your kids as, visiting CT science center, going to the City’s children museum, visiting Mark Twain house, hiking and many more.

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Visit CT Science Center

Have you reached Hartford? Then, you must visit the CT Science Centre with your kids. This science centre is present in an open space of 40,000 sq ft. So you can imagine the place has so many things to offer. It comprises activities for kids belonging to all age groups. The Museum is located in the heart of the city and is only two hrs’ distance from Boston and New York City.

Go to Kid City Children’s Museum

The next famous spot to visit in Hartford is the Kid City Children’s Museum. The destination is just 20 minutes away from Hartford, located in Middletown. The place is divided into three floors, which include Toddler Sea Cave, Middleshire and Space Age Road Trip. Kids love the Sea Cave in the Museum. Kid City offers theme rooms where little ones with their guardians can enjoy an imagination-filled experience together.

Visit The Mark Twain House and Museum

This place was the original home of an American author, Samuel Clemens, in the 1800s. The place offers a wide range of astonishing things to watch and experience. However, the place is most suitable for children aged 8 years and above. 

The Museum opened for visitors in 1974 and is designed in three structures. The first structure comprises the Museum. Then there is a carriage house, which is now used as an office, and then comes the main attraction, the house. 

Have fun at Dinosaur State Park.

This destination is just a 15-minute distance from south Hartford and offers you to see 200+ species of truth. Apart from trees, the park has an indoor Museum and various flowers and plants too. The place is 200+ million years old and comprises the largest dinosaur track to watch. The most attractive point for kids here is the 20-foot-tall model of dilophosaurus.

Hiking Place at Central Connecticut

If you are an adventure lover, then you should definitely miss the hiking spots in Connecticut. The place offers more than 142 state parks with state forests. The state forests and parks cover almost 255,000 acres, which is quite favourable for veteran hikers. Many parks even offer waterfalls and water activities, which make your hiking even more interesting.

Visit the New England Museum

The New England Museum is located in the same area as Bradley International Airport. It is spread over a 90,000 sq feet space and exhibits more than 60 to 110 + aircraft. You will definitely have an amazing experience in this place, witnessing the Museum’s vast collections. 

You can find over 6,000 aviation-centric books and 10,000 aviation-related manuals. The library also has thousands of blueprints, drawings, artworks and photographs to offer.

Must Go To Children’s Museum

Another must-visit place with your kid at Hartford is the Children’s Museum. The destination is just 10 minutes away from West Hartford. You can definitely visit the place if your kids have a huge interest in scientific stuff. The Museum has nine things to exhibit: the planetarium, a wildlife sanctuary, one preschool campus, and more.

Connecticut Beardsley Zoo

Kids are obsessed with animals and are highly fond of zoos. So your kid will definitely love Connecticut’s zoo. You can watch animals like Amur tigers, red wolves, leopards and more. The zoo features more than 300 animals, and it will surely give you an amazing lifetime experience.

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Hartford is an amazing city to visit with your family and kids. You will surely have a wonderful experience in the beautiful city of Hartford. Also, remember to make Spirit airlines Reservations for a relaxing and smooth journey.

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