From Adversity to Achievement: A Journey to Success

From Adversity to Achievement: A Journey to Success

As a child, Mr. Saad achieved 71% above expectations despite the challenges he faced. He showed his natural leadership skills early.

Growing up in a middle-class family, he faced financial difficulties. She struggled to pay for college and felt pressured because as the second child, she was responsible for her education and expenses.

After graduation, he went into business and worked in various fields until he became successful. It took him 3-4 years to earn money through hard work. He handled accounting and finance with confidence despite the fear of having to start over in case of failure.

When he started his senior year, it was a big challenge for Saad to make immediate progress. He accepted the challenge and took charge of the accounting, operations, sales and marketing departments. This category offers job opportunities in accounting, operations, administration, sales and marketing. Saad Anwar became Operations Manager where he focused his role on management, financial control, planning and development.

In October 2021, the government of Saudi Arabia made it easier for foreigners to set up companies in their name in the country, and this move was a huge success for Saad Anwar and his team. In July 2022, Saad Anwar Senior took over the Arab Trading Company. This great success allowed Saad Anwar to start an investment company that invests in SMEs, where he acts as an SME consultant. Saad does not have a day off. And he is overwhelmed by the standards he has achieved so far.


In 2022, Saad named European Segment Co. reached the international level and maintained its position in the European market. It was difficult for Saad to find a suitable manager and coach. He has dealt with the failures and betrayals of everyone he trusted and expected to guide him. This inspired him to open the door to anyone who wanted to learn about the business. Saad aims to help young people start their own businesses or teach them the benefits of entrepreneurship.

Saad looks at the beginning of his career and remembers how he wanted to reach new heights. He had goals that seemed fantastic at the time. He knew that he would do everything in his power to make his dreams come true and he did.

Saad is a self-taught entrepreneur who has learned all about business, accounting, marketing and building a business. He ignited a flame inside himself that never gave up on his dreams, even though he was on the verge of failure, he always found a way around.


Although Saad faced doubts at every step, his character did not change. His loyalty, kindness and kindness to his colleagues and employees helped to create a family at work and in the company. Since Saad is a humble man, his mentality of being a helping hand has not changed over time. We always hear about how tough business developers and self-proclaimed entrepreneurs are. Saad’s success did not change him, but humbled him.


He learned that consistency is the key to success and persevered through challenges to grow and improve his business.

With dedication and perseverance, he built a successful business and proved that hard work pays off. His dream was to contribute to the economy by starting multiple businesses.

He understood that determination, perseverance and stability are the key to success. Despite all the fear of failure, the willingness to continue and adapt to change is essential to growth and prosperity. His journey from adversity to success taught him valuable lessons. With the intention of working in different fields and having a positive impact on people’s lives, he strives to succeed and contribute to the economy through entrepreneurship and passion for helping others.


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