How to Draw A Fancy Letter A Easily

How to Draw A Fancy Letter A. We all have to learn the letters of the alphabet at some point in our lives, and A is probably the first letter we start with.

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This is the obvious choice as it is the first letter of the alphabet. It is also one of the most used letters in the alphabet, so learning it is very important.

The lowercase version of the letter is small and rounded, while the uppercase version is large and square.

This difference can be difficult to learn at first, and that’s especially true if you’re trying to make it more stylized. When you learn to draw a fancy letter A, it’s easy to get frustrated!

That’s why we created these 7 steps to show you how fun and easy it can be! Once we’re done, we’ll also go through some ideas on how to make it even cooler.

How to Draw A Fancy Letter A

Step 1

Before we begin, there are a few ways you can make things easier on yourself. First, you should carefully study the final mission statement to find out what you are aiming for.

Next, we suggest taking a pencil and drawing a large A-line, which will have the vague shape of the final product. We’ll add the final lines to this pencil drawing later.

With that said, let’s draw the first squiggle of the letter, which is near the top left corner of the letter.

Carefully draw a curved line creating a swirl that continues on its own. There should be a small gap on the far right, as this is where the connection to the body of the letter is made.

We’ll take care of that in the next step. So let’s move on when you’re ready.

Step 2

In this second phase we will draw a lot. So go slow and carefully consult the reference image as you draw. We will go through each part one by one to make it easier.

Let’s start where we ended in the previous step. You can add a curved, pointed section that connects to where the whorl from Step 1 ended.

This pointed part runs down in a wavy line that forms the right side of the A. It ends in a pointed tip, then another wavy line extends upwards.

Next, draw a flat horizontal line connecting the two legs of the A. Another line runs from this horizontal part to the left into another large vortex.

Finally, let’s add another curved line taken from the swirl shape we just drew. Add another pointed section halfway up, then finish with another curved line that completes the outline.

That’s a lot to figure out, so make sure to draw slowly as you go through our example. Don’t worry if it takes you a few tries to do this!

If you’re happy with how the outline looks, we can move on to the next step.

Step 3

The pattern is complete and now let’s add a hole in the middle of your patterned letter A. After the previous step, it gets a lot easier from this point!

As you can see in our reference image, this hole will be in the shape of a sphere. You can start by drawing a flat line for the bottom of the hole.

Thus we have two slightly curved lines emanating from the base. When they stand up, they all move inwards and meet at the top at a sharp point.

Try drawing it at a slight angle like we did in the reference image. Once you’ve drawn this, the hardest parts are behind you!

In the next few steps, we’ll focus on adding some internal details to the letter.

Step 4

From now on we will show you how we would decorate this letter. You can make what we made exactly the way we made it, or you can customize it a bit!

First, let’s focus on the model we’ve chosen. As you can see, we have drawn short lines across all sections of the letter.

Sounds great, but there are many ways to fill the letter with a pattern. Perhaps you prefer to draw small shapes or place the lines closer together.

The possibilities are endless and there are so many ways to make it even more unique and customize it to your liking.

Next, we’ll add more embellishments to the letter to make it even fancier.

Step 5

In this fifth phase we will add some of the decorations already drawn. To do this, we’ll add some rotating lines over some points of the letter.

We’ll start with the pointed section at the top of the letter. From this pointed tip, you can draw a thick line that retracts into itself.

Next we will add another curved line starting from the lower right side of the letter. Finally, add a little curl at the swirly top on the inner left side and you’re done with this step!

Feel free to add any other curls and swirls you might like for the design before proceeding.

Step 6

Before we add some color to your design, let’s first add some fun details and embellishments. This is a step where you can let your creativity run free and add some of your own ideas!

For our design, we added a series of small dots around certain edges of the letter. These start small and then get bigger with each additional point.

We also added some small leaf motifs around other portions for some variety. That’s what we decided to do, but you can go much further!

For example, you may want to add more of these points and leaves to make it even more detailed. You could even go one step further and add a background.

This could be a simple pattern with shapes, or you could create an actual background backdrop. If you learn to draw other fancy letters, you might as well spell a word or name.

After the last step, we’ll go through a few more ideas, so in the meantime, keep thinking!

Step 7

Now you can add some color to your awesome letter A. This is another step where you can let your creativity run free and make some of your own decisions.

Let’s stick with the color we chose for now. We colored our letter with a rich golden yellow.

This makes it even fancier than it already is! Of course, there are many other ways to color it.

It is divided into sections, so you can create different sections with different colors. If you filled the letter with a different design, the colors you choose may depend on that. You can also use crafting and drawing tools like metal pens, glitter and beads to add even more whimsy to this letter!

Whatever you do, make sure you have fun and let your creativity run wild. We’d love to see how your awesome drawing turns out!

Your Fancy Letter A Drawing is Finished!

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