Netgear Router Password Change – An Easy-to-follow Guide

By default, every Netgear WiFi router comes with the default password value i.e. admin. Users can set up their routers using this value. But, it can be harmful to the home network if the router runs on the default routerlogin password every time. This is because anyone can access the router’s settings in this case. Therefore, it is recommended that the password of the router is changed as soon as it is set up.

We have mentioned in this post some steps that you are supposed to follow to assign a new administrative password to the Netgear wireless router. Therefore, if you are also looking for a guide explaining the same process, you can rely on this one.

How to Change Netgear Router Password?

The process of changing the Netgear router admin password requires you to gain access to a laptop or computer. Therefore, you should get your hands on the same. Apart from this, you might need and Ethernet cable if you are not in the mood of establishing a wireless connection between your router and computer. Once you get your hands on these factors, you can follow the steps highlighted below:

Note: We are assuming that you’ve already connected your Netgear Nighthawk router and the modem using an Ethernet cable. However, both devices are turned off now. But, before you proceed, be sure that the cable joining both the devices is not damaged and is connected firmly to the ports of the devices.

  • Power on your modem and then the Netgear WiFi router.
  • Switch on your laptop and connect it to the network that belongs to your router.
  • Once done, consider loading Google Chrome.
  • You can also go with Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Input the web address, into the address bar.
  • The login page of the router will show up.
  • Enter admin into the User Name field and password into the Password field.
  • Press Enter or select Log IN.
  • The Status page of the Nighthawk router will open up.
  • Choose Administration.
  • There, you will find an option to change the router’s password.
  • Input the old password of the router.
  • Enter the new password (one which you want to assign) two times.
  • Save the changes.

The moment you change the admin password of the router, you will get logged out. Consider logging in using the new password to check whether you’ve achieved success with the process or not. In case not, then it is recommended that you take a walk through the next section and learn how to tackle issues emerging during the Netgear router password changing process.

Resolving Issues While Changing Netgear Router Password

The first error you might get while assigning the new password to the router is not working. Therefore, if you get this error, you are suggested to use the router’s IP address i.e. to complete the process. However, you can refer to the following tips to clear other errors:

  • Upgrade the internet browser in use to the latest software version.
  • Erase the cache and cookies from the internet browser.
  • Try to use a hardwired connection between the router and computer.
  • Ping your router and check internet connection.
  • Check whether your computer is connected to some random network other than the router. If yes, then disconnect it.
  • Power cycle the router and then your computer.
  • Make sure that you follow the correct procedure to change the router’s admin password.

The Final Words

Executing the Netgear router password change process is all about enhancing the home network security. If you want your home network to stay protected always, consider changing the password every 3 months. But, is it the only method to improve the home network security? Of course not!

Aside from changing the admin password, you can change the WiFi password and upgrade the firmware of the router to the latest version to enhance the security. In case you are a more technical person, you can try creating a guest network on your router as it will provide internet access to your guests without revealing the WiFi password of the main network. Apart from this, there are some other methods that can help you improve the security of the network that includes changing WPA settings and enabling features like MAC filtering.

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