Top Brand Activation Ideas You Need For Your New Business

Indeed, it is extremely hard for new businesses to find a gap in the market where they can fit in. As there are thousands of other brands already in the competition, it is challenging for striving companies to find the gaps. However, as things evolved, new ways were introduced to increase product awareness and build a customer base from scratch.

Marketers come up with effective strategies that help new businesses find gaps to settle in. If you’re stepping into any industry, you definitely know who your target customers are. With certain strategies, you can drive customers in and build emotional connections that can help you effectively increase brand awareness.

In this guide, we will talk about the top brand activation ideas you need for your new business.

Brand Activation Strategies to Help You Scale Drastically

Keeping the foundation of your brand strong and impactful can have significant benefits on your business growth. Considering trending effective methods in your brand activation campaign can help you get the most out of your ROI. These creative ideas can help you reach a wider audience, build strong bonds with customers, and increase brand awareness.

Here are the best ideas you need to make your brand activation stand out from the crowd.

1.      Plan Interactive Strategy

Interactive strategy is important for any new business, as customers always want to ensure value for money. Planning interactive activities throughout your brand launch will help you build trust with your customers and ensure their long-term commitment. Involving this in your event will boost your marketing campaigns and help people make decisions confidently.

Planning this activity becomes essential if your product solves a certain problem. Specifically, if a product brings ease to human life, you must plan interactive strategies to demonstrate the product’s use. To make this more effective, businesses also refer to experiential event agency Dubai where professional event organizers help you plan your product launch campaign to achieve your goals.

2.      Use Social Media Hashtags

Social media tags are an effective way of reaching a wider audience. These can be used in social marketing campaigns and increase your brand awareness. Furthermore, it gives your business a unique identity that can help build trust in customers. Using these beforehand, your event activation will create a buzz and keep potential customers engaged.

To boost your hashtag reach, you can run promotional offers and giveaways. By offering these, you can encourage the use of your hashtags by giving them the chance to participate. These strategies might come with extra expenses, but they can help you ensure maximum ROI (Return on Investment).

3.      Collaborate With Influencers

Collaborating with influencers can kick-start your new business and help you build a customer base with ease. Customers are likely to purchase the product if their favorite influencer advertises it; this gives you an opportunity to take advantage. With an influencer’s active fan base, you save time and expenses spent on other marketing strategies.

However, it is important to choose an influencer accordingly. If your product is niche-specific, for instance, it helps with traveling, you can partner up with a vlogger. If the influencer specializes in any certain field, using him to advertise your product will have the best positive outcome.

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4.      Solve a Problem

Customers are always looking for innovative ways to solve problems or satisfy their needs. Considering this, the business needs to provide an effective solution that is worth the customer’s money. To stand out, you need to come up with different marketing strategies. As there are tons of brands providing the same solution, using old-school marketing strategies only makes it hard to scale.

You can come up with offers such as a 30-day money-back guarantee, which helps you build trust for increased sales. To make it more effective, you can use certain emotions that induce people to buy products in your marketing campaigns. You can also create 3d animations of your product and emphasize its problem-solving features.

5.      Organize an Event

Finally, to increase brand awareness and make your launch stand out, you can step out of the virtual world and organize an event. This gives you a better chance of emphasizing your product features in front of an audience. By setting up brand activation, you can positively influence your potential customers and encourage them to spread the word.

You can also invite multiple influencers and moviemakers to capture your event and increase its digital audience reach. These events give you a chance to set up interactive activities that attendees can participate in to determine its capabilities. However, these events are usually large-scale. Therefore, companies seek help from experiential event agency Dubai for brand activation event planning to ensure arrangements of all the required necessities.

How Can You Organize a Perfect Brand Activation Event?

Ensure the right environment and theme that can take your new business to heights. Put an ever-lasting impression on all your attendees with a professionally managed event.  Contact now and get a tailored quote considering your brand activation needs.



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