Why Education Verification Services Are Important in the Hiring Process?

It Helps You Avoid Diploma Mills.

As an employer, you should be aware of the possible dangers of diploma mills and should use a reliable service to verify credentials. Education verification services use encrypted technology to protect the privacy of your data. They also help you identify fake degrees by confirming that the institution the applicant attended exists. This way, you can spot a fake degree or an institution purchased from a diploma mill. A diploma mill is an unaccredited educational institution that offers degrees to students without any academic work or real learning. A degree from a degree mill is worthless, and hiring someone with a fake degree can land you in legal trouble.

It Helps You Assess A Candidate’s Qualifications.

When selecting a candidate, it is vital to check their educational background. This helps you avoid hiring unqualified people and ensures that the candidate has the necessary skills to perform the role. Education background checks are common for many industries and roles. Education verification is verifying a candidate’s educational background and degrees. This is essential to the hiring process because sometimes applicants embellish their qualifications. For example, they may claim to have attended a college or school they did not attend or earned a degree they never got. Education verification services help you assess a candidate’s qualifications by checking the information provided in their resume. Education verification services can verify a candidate’s high school diploma, college degree, and enrollment. Depending on the institution, it can take several weeks to verify a candidate’s education. Further, some educational institutions may not make their records publicly available, which can lead to inaccurate results.

It Helps You Avoid Liability Claims.

To protect your company from liability claims, you should thoroughly verify the qualifications of all employees before hiring them. Hiring someone with false credentials is against the law, and it can ruin your brand reputation. While you may be able to ask for a copy of a candidate’s certificate from the school itself, you need to be careful not to violate any privacy regulations. Education verification services can help you avoid liability claims in the hiring process by identifying applicants who have fabricated their educational credentials. These services can make the hiring process faster and more efficient for you.

It Helps You Avoid Discrepancies.

Education verification services provide a reliable way to ensure that your candidates are qualified for your open positions. According to some reports, as much as 27% of employment applications and resumes contain exaggerated academic accomplishments. This makes resume verification crucial for hiring smartly and getting quality talent. In addition to helping you avoid hiring unqualified candidates, education verification can protect your organization from liability claims and your reputation as an employer. It can also help you meet compliance requirements. These services also save you time and resources, ensuring that the applicant earned all relevant educational credentials.

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