MBA in Data Science and Analytics: A Lucrative Career Option in 2023

In a survey conducted by NewVantage partners, 91.9% of the participating firms said that their investments in data and analytics had produced measurable business value. This represents a significant increase from the 48.4% of organizations that said they had seen a measurable return on their data investments five years prior. The prediction that 98.2% of businesses would receive a return on their investments in 2023 reflects the growing optimism of data leaders!

In a different paper, Accenture highlights the value of analytics in consumer packaged goods (CPG) and how businesses may leverage analytics by creating an enterprise-wide analytics strategy. Consequently, business analytics has been and will continue to change the way that organizations operate.

There is a greater need than ever for experts who can use data to guide decisions in a world that is becoming more and more data-driven. An MBA in Analytics Intelligence can be useful in this situation. The combination of advanced data science and analytics abilities with commercial insight makes this degree program one of the most profitable and promising employment alternatives in 2023.

 What Is an MBA in Analytics Intelligence?

A specialized graduate program that blends advanced data analytics and intelligence approaches with the foundational concepts of business management is the MBA in Analytics Intelligence, also called the MBA in Data Science and Analytics. It gives students the abilities and information needed to gather, handle, examine, and comprehend data in order to facilitate decision-making in business settings.

Different Fields Within MBA in Business Analytics

–   Business Intelligence

Generally speaking, business intelligence, or B.I., is descriptive in nature, emphasizing the methods and instruments used to locate, gather, and organize unprocessed data on recent or historical occurrences. It is the process of looking back at past data to see how a department or product line within a company has done over a given period of time. Online analytical processing (OLAP), reporting, and querying are a few of the activities that fall under the category of business intelligence.

–   Advanced Analytics

This is a relatively recent advancement that entails extensive statistical analysis. For example, predictive analytics can be carried out by using statistical algorithms on previous data. Estimating the impact of new services or products on sales is helpful. Among the techniques covered by advanced analytics include simulation algorithms, data mining, and cluster analysis.

Benefits of Pursuing MBA in Analytics Intelligence 

  • Rich professional Prospects

Earning an MBA in Analytics Intelligence gives you access to a lot of rich professional options. Professionals with knowledge of analytics and intelligence are highly sought after as companies increasingly rely on data to inform their decisions. The knowledge and skills gained during the curriculum are transferable to any field, be it e-commerce, marketing, finance, or healthcare. 

  • High Earning Potential

Salaries in the field of data science and analytics have increased significantly in response to the increased demand for these specialists. An MBA in analytics intelligence graduates can fetch high salaries, which makes it a desirable career choice for anyone looking to secure their financial future.

  • Versatility

The abilities acquired in this curriculum are very adaptable and useful in a variety of sectors. The ability to glean insights from data is useful in a variety of industries, including government, sports, retail, and more. You can explore several businesses and change occupations without having to retrain because to this versatility. 

  • Problem Solving

Advanced analytics methods equip students with problem-solving abilities that are highly valued in the corporate sector by teaching them how to take on challenging business problems. You’ll be capable of deriving insights from data, analyzing huge datasets, and formulating plans. 

  • Job Security

Professionals with the ability to access and comprehend data are in constant demand, as data is the lifeblood of modern business. Since companies are always looking for specialists who can help them stay competitive and relevant in their sectors, job security in this field is often good. 

  • Possibilities for Leadership

You can position yourself for leadership positions in intelligence and data analytics with an MBA. This degree offers the groundwork for advanced career progression, regardless of your career goals—chief data officer, head of business unit, or leader of a data science team.

Career Options & Scope

The notion of business analytics can be used to a variety of company tasks, including supply chain management, marketing, operations, and more. Careers in the field can vary from analyst-level roles to business intelligence managers. While some MBAs work as analysts, others apply their knowledge in consulting or financial firms.

According to a McKinsey poll, 58% of participants from high-achieving businesses stated that their company possessed extensive functional knowledge in the areas of data science, data engineering, data architecture, and analytical transformation. 

Furthermore, compared to other companies, top-performing organizations employ four times as many analytics professionals and 1.5 times as many functional experts. 

The following are potential employment paths following an MBA in Data science and analytics:

  • Consultant and Management Analyst 
  • Scientist/Data Analyst 
  • Analyst of Business Intelligence
  • Program and marketing manager
  • Analytics for Big Data 
  • Analyst for Operations Research 
  • Analyst for market research 
  • And many more


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