Save your Money! Latest Supertails Discount Offers 2023

Do you have a pet in your home and you are searching for the best online Pet store in India? We believe nothing can surpass Supertails, one of the top-notch pet stores that are loaded with amazing pet products to fulfill their needs. 

The reason why we are recommending you land on Supertails is they are providing amazing deals that let you buy products in bulk to save money. If you have a big pet products purchase list and you are on a lean budget, Supertails is an excellent choice for you. 

The content below is all about the latest Supertails Discount offers to know. 

Amazing Supertails Discount Offers to Know

We will share the Discount offer on products, so read out till the end before the offer is over. Have a look-

Pedigree 100% Vegetarian Dry Dog Food

If there is a puppy or adult dog, you can buy Pedigree 100% Vegetarian Dry Dog Food from this website. Supertails is a fantastic platform for pedigree foods. If you want this product at an affordable rate, you must choose Supertails first. 

In fact, the customer rating is 4.7. You know now whether the product is sublime or not. All you need to do is use Supertails Discount coupons to get this product at a very low amount. Right now, there is 24% Off, and the current price is Rs. 270.

Pet Vogue Rope Leash for Dogs

Are you searching for a Dog leash? Well, you can buy a Pet Vogue Rope leash for Dogs available only on Supertails. There will be both freedom and control when you buy it. The length of the Pet Vogue Rope Leash is 5 ft / 60 in. 

One of its key features is extra soft, and yes, the padded handle will give you full control ability. Supertails is providing upto 60% Off on this item, and the current price of Pet Vogue Rope Leash is Rs. 360. We have something more to share: Get ASSURED GIFTS by purchasing an order above Rs 1500.


Pet Vogue Carrier for Dogs and Cats

If your pet is up to 12 kgs, the Pet vogue carrier for Dogs and Cats from Supertails is excellent. For better security, it has a durable construction and door latches. 

There is ventilation on all sides, which will help pets to get fresh air, and they will find no hurdles during their travel time. There is upto 57% Off on this product, so the current price to buy Pet Vogue Carrier is Rs. 1204. 

Do you have an ICICI Credit card? Yes? We suggest shopping from Supertails. Why so? You will get 5% Off on Upto Rs. 200. Moreover, if you make an order more than Rs. 1500, you will get Assured Gifts. Shop today by using Supertails Coupons!

SuperCoat Chicken Adult Small Breed Dog Dry Food

Many care about the overall health of their pets. Diet is very important if you want a pet to be healthy all the time. Therefore, we suggest purchasing SuperCoat Chicken Adult Small Breed dog dry food. 

With the use of Supertails Discount coupons, you can purchase this item with a discount rate of 20%. One of the key features of this awesome product is it contains min. 24% protein and min. 8% fat. 

Another reason is the product will help in keeping the digestive system healthy with natural fibre. Isn’t it intriguing? If you want your Dog to enjoy the meal that you serve, SuperCoat Chicken Adult Small Breed dog dry food is perfect. 

Drools Absolute Calcium Oil Syrup Supplement for Dogs and Cats

No matter what breed dog you have, Drools Absolute Calcium Oil Syrup Supplement is for all. The reason why you must buy this product today is it will help to maintain the healthy skeletal system of dogs. 

Plus, it will be helpful for the dogs in supporting healthy joints. You can save at least 12%. The price of this item on Supertails is Rs. 876. In addition to this, there are some lucrative offers going on, such as EXTRA ₹100 off if you purchase items of more than Rs. 2500. And yes, the order delivery is Free if the item’s prices are more than Rs. 599. 

How do I Contact Supertails?

If there is any query regarding items you buy for your pets, you can drop your queries at [email protected]. You can even contact at this number: 18005723575. 

Way Forward

There are so many Supertails discount offers going on that let you shop numerous Dog and cat products at a very low price. If you need quality pet food products, then Supertails should be first on your priority list. You can purchase from Farmina N&D, Royal Canin, Pedigree, and so on. 

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