Why should you consider Durham for your Higher studies?

Located in top-notch Northeast England, Durham is one of the beautiful places which is known for its natural beauty as well as rich heritage. The Northeast is known for having a lower cost of living as well as a fraction of the population of the Southeast. It is no wonder why Durham is now one of the most renowned study destinations. Believe it or not, Durham University is ranked within the top 100 universities across the world.

Five reasons to study in Durham

Elevating student life: As it is said, when you arrive in Durham, you enter a community and not just another college. This place is rich in history and cultural heritage and it often shows genuine interest in sharing knowledge and experience with the newcomers. Here you can find some of the top-notch student accommodation Durham. The city is known for having a compact size and also a close-knit community that creates a wonderful experience. Here the people are approachable as well as friendly. The cobbled streets, historical buildings, stunning architecture, and more add to the city’s charm. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter movies then you will be glad to know that Durham Cathedral was featured in the Harry Potter movie. You will find a wide range of opportunities so that you can take stunning selfies. The university over here offers the students with fantastic student enrichment opportunities. From arts and culture, you can showcase your talents in multiple different academic activities.

Top-rated University: Durham University is one of the UK’s oldest as well as most prestigious universities. Durham University is the third oldest university across England. Its origins can be traced back to the 11th century with the establishment of Durham Cathedral as well as Durham Castle. The university offers more than 200 undergrad courses as well as 100 postgrad courses in different fields. The university is known for its remarkable physical as well as social science departments. Durham University offers a unique blend of historical charm, a strong academic reputation as well a supportive community. This creates an ideal educational and personal environment so the students can thrive easily.

A lot of things to explore: Here you can explore regional as well as international cuisine. This place is known for providing different British staples such as Fish and Chips. You will find iconic cafes over here like cakes, bakes, and more at the Cathedral Durham. If you are Indian, then you will feel right at home. You will come across some of the best Indian restaurants around where you can have some scrumptious delicacies. The history of Durham dates back to the 11th century. The Castle as well as the Cathedral was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. If you want to climb the 325 steps of Durham Cathedral Tower, then you need to wear your comfortable shoes.

The traditional events over here comprise of Lumiere Festival and it illuminates the city with some spectacular light. This place creates a magical atmosphere. If you love shopping then you can head right to the city’s heart. It is Durham’s number one shopping place and it offers a blend of boutique stores. Here you can find some high-street brands such as Boots and Clarks.

Career Possibilities: When it comes to a career, you can have an amazing time. Durham is known to offer a wide range of career possibilities for fresh graduates. They offer graduates opportunities in different industries and sectors such as banking, technology, education, and tourism, among others. Despite its small size than nearby neighborhoods such as Newcastle or Sunderland, Durham is known for being an economic hub for the surrounding rural areas. This place offers the students all the essential services, shopping centers, commercial opportunities, and much more which benefits the residents as well as students. Some companies that offer jobs to the students comprise Atom Bank, the Banks Group, etc. as their roots are there in the Durham University. There are many others who are always eager to employ bright graduates.

Bottom Line 

There are many different reasons to stay in Durham. This place is not only beautiful but it is known to provide the students with top-notch education. You will not be disappointed once you are here.

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