5 Tools To Find Out If Your Content Is AI Written

As technology continues to enter our daily lives, the rise of AI tools is simply surprising.

Every day, more and more people are discovering the incredible potential of these advancements, especially content creators. But as we all are aware, with benefits also comes a few flaws.

These tools surely have made it easier for the writer to compose words, but that content doesn’t appeal to the search engines. Thus, they drop down the ranking of the website. This is why original and humanized content is preferable to the one that is composed of these advancements.

So, to detect plagiarism and robotic language, there are various tools available, too. If you are not aware of what they are, then we are here to guide you. In this article, we will talk about a few effective AI content detection tools for your awareness. So keep reading.

Make Your Writings Humanize: 5 Effective Tools For Detecting AI Generate Content

In this era of technology, it has become easier for humans to perform various tasks. Writing content is one of them.

However, these AI-generated writings possess less value in the eyes of search engines. On the other hand, you even can’t trust any freelance essay writing service. There can be chances that they also take assistance with these advancements. As a result, it will either affect your grades or impact the ranking of the business website.

So, if you want to play safe, then you can take aid from a number of tools for detecting the usage of these tools. We are discussing a few of them below.

1.   Originality.AI

Our top favorite tool for AI content detection is Originality.AI, which is leading these days.

It has become people’s favorite due to its capability to offer accurate results in less time. It ensures the authenticity and originality of the content. As a result, the user will get the valuable material. Its fast and reliable qualities make it a perfect checking partner for writers.

Additionally, it also offers a few beneficial features, like industry-leading accuracy for detecting AI content, suitable Google extension, real-time detection, separation of AI and human text, and API for text analysis at scale. Due to these qualities, people are preferring this one more.

2.   Content at Scale

If you are looking for a tool that offers both content creation and AI detection, then your search will end here.

So say hello to the tool, which is “Content at Scale”. This one possesses the ability to craft human-like blogs. Due to this feature, it automatically erases the residue of artificial intelligence and replaces it with a well-written one.

This advancement is analyzed by using a combo of AI engines, Natural Language Processing algorithms, and semantic analysis. This is why it can detect any form or level of AI-written content. So next time when you ask someone to write my essay, do check the content with this multi-purpose tool. Also, it can freely analyze 2,500 characters at a time and showcase the percentage of real and fake content according to word count.

3.   Writer

Seeking a perfect partner that can support you in all of your writing, then don’t look anywhere else.

Writer is a tool that assists the user in composing and polishing their work. It offers grammatical suggestions, tone recommendations, a plagiarism checker, and many other beneficial features. Aside from that, it also provides the advantage of AI content detection to add value to the user’s writing.

It’s so easy to use; all you need is to add the URL and paste the text in the bar. After that, just click the “analyze text” option, and you are good to go. This tool will offer you authentic results in the form of percentages.

4.   Sapling

You might have heard about Sapling as an AI modeling copilot. But it has more to offer.

It offers the feature of AI content detection as well. It requires a small amount of text, a minimum of 50 words, to showcase that either ChatGPT has composed the file or GPT-3. It highlights the fake content so the user can change it accordingly.

Some additional features that are offered by this tool are providing an overall percentage of inauthentic text, access to API for bulk or app-based content checking, and work inside CRMs and email clients.

5.   CopyLeaks

Are you not a tech freak and looking for an easy-to-use AI content detector tool? Then stop here.

The CopyLeaks is a perfect one for you. This advancement offers free checking of the text with the assistance of AI-based analysis. So, why seek various online essay mills when you take the assistance of this tool to craft an authentic document? Additionally, it also offers the Chrome extension for diagnosing the AI content of browsed pages.

What’s more, it not only spots the artificial intelligence written text but also makes the user understand various types of content. As a result, it will influence the righteousness of the submitted work.

All in all, these are the few effective tools that can help you in spotting AI-generated text. We have discussed each of them clearly for you. Now, it’s your turn to choose the one which is suitable for you.


How do tools detect AI content?

These advancements operate by seeking particular characters in the content, like a low level of randomness in sentence length and word selection. This is one of the properties of AI-generated text, so these tools made guesses about the content. This is why we can’t expect 100% accuracy from them.

How do I make AI writing undetectable?

You just need to enter your text that is created by AI in a paraphrase tool, and you are good to go. They will offer you rewritten content in real time and make it undetectable for the tools.

Why is my essay detected as AI?

AI tools use a certain pattern to create content. Thus, if you have the same phrases, patterns, or characteristics in your essay, then the tools will detect it as AI writes it.

Can Google detect AI content?

Yes, Google can detect AI content if it doesn’t follow its guidelines. As a result, Google will consider that text as spam.


In this digital era, technology has made it possible to perform tasks that take days into a few minutes.

With the development of various AI tools, the lives of humans have come to an ease. But with all these benefits, some flaws have also crawled into this world. No matter how these advancements have made content creation a breeze. Those texts wouldn’t become valuable for search engines if they were not accurate and original.

This is why we have covered a few tools above that can help you in spotting the AI-generate text. Now, it’s your job to use them wisely and humanize your content carefully if you want to uplift its value.

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